The start of a project!

So, one project I’ve been wanting to do is print a vase that I cadded a while back!  Sorry it took me a little while to blog about it, but I needed to find a continuous 28-hour period for it to print (since that’s how long it’s going to take haha).  I tried to print it once, but my previous simplify3d settings weren’t as good as the ones I have now!  To show the difference:


The red print is the newest attempt, and the white print is the older attempt with the old settings!  Just from looking at the picture, you can see a very marked difference.  The white print has some gaps and extrusion issues, while the red print is incredibly smooth!  Having a printer perfectly dialed in makes for gorgeous prints.  Furthermore, when you see the inside of the vase, it doesn’t have any stringing at all, which means I have my retraction settings perfect as well!


The only reason I stopped before the vase was complete is because the power in my apartment went out for a period of time, causing the print to fail.  So, lesson learned, always have battery backup!  I will try to print the full vase again soon, so stay tuned!


John (aka The Mad Printer)

4 thoughts on “The start of a project!

  1. Hi John,
    what are your prime/unprime settings? As far as I know Hyrel does not use the slicer settings for retraction. I have a lot of stringing now with PLA.


    1. Hi Tobias! I actually don’t deal with prime/unprime or slicer anymore… I use Cura now, which takes care of everything and produces pretty good prints without stringing! If you want, I can send you my cura settings


      1. Hi John, that would be great. Also the settings of your printhead, if possible. It’s not really clear which settings are considered (Cura/Printhead).


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