Leapfrog Creatrxl

Since I ended up skipping the formlab, The Leapfrog Creatrxl (below) is the next printer!

Overall, I have very good things to say about the printer!  It has gigantic build volume, and the two nozzles are very nice for printing either dual-color or multi-material parts.  It uses either Simplify3d or Repetrel (the printer I have used ran Simplify3d).  This printer really shines with Simplify3d because the support generation algorithms are fantastic!  When I have done prints with support, the support has brushed right off.  It is very easy to unclog too, as Leapfrog has designed the print heads to be wide enough for a 1.5mm allen wrench to fit nicely through the head (without the nozzle attached of course!).  Basically, just heat the clogged extruder up, and shove a 1.5mm allen wrench through the hot extruder so that all the gummed up plastic comes out!

The other elements of the printer are just as easy to work on, as just about every part is very easily disassembled.  Leapfrog’s customer service is very responsive as well!  The printer I worked with had a few issues early on in its lifecycle that Leapfrog worked very hard to correct and make right!  They sent me replacement parts, and after installing them, the printer was back up and running.

The only downside with this printer is the calibration routine.  It really needs two people to calibrate, which can be kind of hard.  Because of its size, it’s really hard for one person to reach all the nuts on the ends of the calibration screws while still checking the distance between the platform and the heads with a piece of paper.  So, usually, it’s good to have one person holding onto the nuts on the end of the screws with a ratchet while the other person adjusts the spacing between the heads and the platform.

Whelp, it’s 2:30am haha.  Time flies when you’re having fun posting!  stay tuned for the next printer review

John (aka The Mad Printer)



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