Pen Stand: The Sanding Continues

That title sounds like quite the horrible movie title!  However, yes, it’s true, I finally got some sandpaper!  Now, the next few posts will be about finishing the sanding on the pen stand.  I will be starting with 60-grit sandpaper and working my way all the way up to 1000-grit for an incredibly smooth surface!  You guys have already seen some of the work I did with the 60-grit, but what some of you didn’t see was this amazing closeup of what 60-grit sandpaper makes the surface look like:


Of course, the more I sand, the finer this surface will become!  For example, here’s a picture of what the pen stand looks like after being sanded with 80-grit sandpaper:


The difference was striking to me!  I’m going to keep sanding, so updates coming soon!  Here’s an overall shot of what the pen stand looks like sanded now:stand.jpg

John (aka the Mad Printer)

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