Cura Experiment continued!

So I was able to get one (somewhat) successful print on my Hyrel using Cura!  I dialed in the same settings I had in Slic3r and the same prime/unprime settings!  However, I had to use a slightly higher feedrate and a slightly higher pulses per nl value than normally required when slicing with Slic3r due to the different movement patterns of Cura.  That was a very minor adjustment though.  For my test piece, I used the very popular 3d Benchy (the jolly 3d printing torture test) ( the below series of pictures for a detail of my results:

The left picture is benchy sliced with Cura, and the right picture is Benchy sliced with Slic3r.  You can see a few things right off the bat!  Namely, The Cura version has a more uniform surface finish and a bit more of a shine to it.  Also, the surface definition appears dramatically enhanced with Cura!

I kept all the settings as close to the same as I could between slic3r and cura to get a true comparison.

Here’s an overall view (again with Cura on the left and Slic3r on the right):

There was only one small problem with the Cura version: the layer shift.  That happened because I had the speeds set a little too high in Cura.  If you try to print too fast on Hyrel printers, the stepper motors skip and cause layer shift, so I have since dialed the speeds down.  I’ll be posting an updated benchy soon!

Stay Tuned

John (aka The Mad Printer)

6 thoughts on “Cura Experiment continued!

    1. Hey Dwayne! Let me see if I still have them, and I will dig them up and export them if I do! I’ll try to do that tonight… keep in mind, they don’t seem to work very well, and you might get the part shifting that you saw on the pictures for this post….I’ll try to post them soon


      1. Sounds good! I’m currently experimenting with the Hyrel Hydra 16A and want to see if I can use your settings to try and guide me in creating my own. If you have any other advice on what I should experiment with I’d really appreciate it!


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