Cura Experiment continued!

So I was able to get one (somewhat) successful print on my Hyrel using Cura!  I dialed in the same settings I had in Slic3r and the same prime/unprime settings!  However, I had to use a slightly higher feedrate and a slightly higher pulses per nl value than normally required when slicing with Slic3r due to the different movement patterns of Cura.  That was a very minor adjustment though.  For my test piece, I used the very popular 3d Benchy (the jolly 3d printing torture test) ( the below series of pictures for a detail of my results:

The left picture is benchy sliced with Cura, and the right picture is Benchy sliced with Slic3r.  You can see a few things right off the bat!  Namely, The Cura version has a more uniform surface finish and a bit more of a shine to it.  Also, the surface definition appears dramatically enhanced with Cura!

I kept all the settings as close to the same as I could between slic3r and cura to get a true comparison.

Here’s an overall view (again with Cura on the left and Slic3r on the right):

There was only one small problem with the Cura version: the layer shift.  That happened because I had the speeds set a little too high in Cura.  If you try to print too fast on Hyrel printers, the stepper motors skip and cause layer shift, so I have since dialed the speeds down.  I’ll be posting an updated benchy soon!

Stay Tuned

John (aka The Mad Printer)


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