More Kossel Fun!

So, I tried a bigger print on my delta printer than 3d benchy now, and I realized one corner was consistently warping off, no matter how I prepped the bed, while the rest of the print was looking beautiful.  My first thought was that it was out of level, so I ran the auto-leveling procedure and releveled it.  The exact same thing happened!  one side wasn’t sticking as well as the other side.  Realizing it wasn’t something I could correct in the software or by adding more glue to the bed, I looked at the plate itself, and realized that it wasn’t completely level.

That meant that I needed a way to manually level the plate!  I looked at some interesting spring leveling systems on Thingiverse, but the downside was that they would reduce the amount of usable height on the printer since they were fairly tall.  so I finally settled on jacking the one low side of the platform up with some washers.  I haven’t installed the washers yet, but that might require me to change a few things (namely getting some bigger screws for those sides of the bed to accommodate the washers).  That should get fixed soon, but I did realize one thing as I was going through this process: PET+ is an awesome filament!

I printed with PET+ and it flowed probably the best of any filament I have used with my delta printer, so that was the good part of this experiment!  Sorry this is a shorter post than most, but I will have big things happening soon (I’ll leave it a cliffhanger ending 😉 ).   Stay Tuned!

John (aka The Mad Printer)

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