First Sanding Done!

So, here’s what the fountain pen stand looks like after being completely sanded with 60 grit sandpaper!

penStandSandedUpon seeing this picture, you notice a few things:

1.) The wood-infused PLA has a much lighter color when sanded.
2.) The mixture of glue and sawdust seemed to have an adverse effect on the coloring of the piece overall.  Interestingly, my homemade wood filler has been sanded flush with the surface of the print, and it is very smooth when I run my hand over it.  The reason why it’s discolored is because, since the glue dried clear, it is preventing the plastic underneath from being sanded, thus altering the color because of point #1.

I’m going to see if I can use a power sander to buff the glue away and get back to the plastic underneath, so updated pics will continue to come!

John (aka The Mad Printer)

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