Almost, but not quite….

So, I started sanding the pen stand from the last post!  I decided to start with 60 grit sandpaper and work my way up from there (since the layer of homemade wood filler I put on it was rather thick).  The wood filler did it’s job for sure, but only for the bigger areas:


Now, to explain what you’re looking at a bit, I sanded the bottom portion of the stand, but left the top portion unsanded for reference.  As you can see, after sanding, the wood filler stayed behind in the larger cracks I had.  But it didn’t do anything to seal up the smaller cracks left from gluing all the small pieces of the pen stand together.  Also, grabbing random sawdust to mix into filler probably wasn’t the smartest idea since the filler doesn’t really match the 3d-printed wood at all.

Live and learn I guess!  This is all valuable information for the next time I (or anyone else who doesn’t know too much about woodworking like myself) wants to try this.  I think, at this point, I’m going to continue sanding the surface, get it as smooth as possible, and then worry about how to make the cracks invisible.

More progress pics coming soon!

John (aka The Mad Printer)

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