My Next Project!

Sorry it took me so long to write the next post… I was having trouble deciding what project to do…  but I finally settled on something that will be an interesting project for my Hyrel: 3d printed outdoor stools!  I’m going to make a stool using this build from thingiverse:, but since the stool top is z-18 sized, I’m going to slice it up into 4 quarters to print.

However, there is probably one question someone reading this is thinking in their head: Won’t it not be as strong if you cut it into 4 sections and glue it together?  Honestly, my plan is to use acrylic glue as the bonding agent and PLA as my printing material since acrylic glue seems to fuse the material together in a very strong bond!  I don’t know exactly how it’s going to work out, but we’ll see!  That’s what this blog is about (trying different things and the logging my progress, even if they fail horribly!).  Stay tuned for progress on the stool and pics of it printing!

John (aka The Mad Printer)

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