small cura update

Hey guys!  didn’t wanna leave anyone hanging, but I’ve just been dealing with the worst air conditioning problems in my apartment (I will spare you the gory details lol), so I haven’t had the opportunity to do much printing.  However, I did try Cura again.  This time, I tried it with all settings (acceleration, jerk, speed) much lower.  Interestingly enough, it came out a little smoother, but still had massive x and y shifting.  I think the next step is to keep going up the chain of fine tuning and adjust parameters like snap (what comes after jerk.  there is a chain of adjustments starting with speed.  Acceleration is the first derivative of speed.  Jerk is the second derivative of speed.  Snap is the third derivative of speed).  Hopefully, one everything is reduced, I will get smooth movement, because the head seems to be jerking around much too much.  Stay tuned!

John (aka the Mad Printer)

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