More Benchy!

So, I tried another Cura experiment.  This time, I slowed the speeds way down (like 10mm/s), and set the accelerations at 0.  Interestingly enough, there was an improvement in wall straightness in the x direction, but not in the y direction!

benchy2Benchy1Also, you will notice that this benchy lacks a chimney.  That’s because 10mm/s is much to slow to print something like this.  The chimney got too hot and just kind of melted off the print as it was being built (primarily because the head wasn’t moving fast enough).  I think the reason for the y shifting was because the head moved way too fast when it was traveling (i.e. not doing a print move).  So, I am going to try upping all speeds to 20mm/s, leaving the accelerations at 0, and reducing the travel speed more and we’ll see what happens!  Stay tuned


John (aka The Mad Printer)

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