Finally Scaled!

So, there is one essential thing that you need to accurately 3d print things that aren’t scaled right the first time: a really good pair of calipers!  That’s probably why I got the scaling wrong the first time honestly.  I only had a tape measure, which
1.) isn’t as precise as I like, and
2.) doesn’t measure internal diameters very effectively.

However, when I measured with a pair of calipers, scaled up to get the right hole size, and reprinted, it came out much better!

stoolSpreaderThe correctly-scaled stool part is on the left, with a standard TV remote for scale.

I did realize, though, that this stool might end up being a little small for sitting.  That, and I made it from PLA, which melts as soon as it’s out in the sun haha.  I’m going to change my plan a little bit and make this a little end table instead!  I’ll give it an acrylic top, and it would look really cool, so stay tuned to see how the project evolves!

John (aka the Mad Printer)

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