Scaling isn’t easy sometimes

So, I went to 3d print another part of my barstool!  There is a little bit more time about posts now because I’m at the point in the project where these prints are taking a lot longer, but anyways… when I imported the part, it ended up being super small with no indication of what the correct scale should be.  That’s where Netfabb comes in again!  Netfabb allows you to measure certain features!  I knew, according to the holes in the top of the barstool, that it uses legs approximately 5/8″ in diameter, so I could measure the dimension of the small part and then scale up to meet 5/8″!  So I printed it, and it turned out fairly well!


However, the holes are still a bit too small… not by much though!  Now, to get it 100% correct, I will measure the diameter of what printed and scale up from there to get the right hole size!  After I scale this, there are 2 parts left, so almost done!  More to come!!

John (aka The Mad Printer)

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