My Newest Project!

So, Hyrel printers can do some very advanced things that I haven’t played with yet, so that’ll be the next project!  Documenting my experiences with some of the advanced features of the Hyrel printer.  Hyrel printers can use up to 4 heads at once to mix and match different colors and materials!  I will be using two heads to demonstrate that process, since doing it with 2 heads seems a little easier for a beginner.

According to Hyrel, you can use the two heads to scaffold your way up to multi-color and multi-material prints.  Basically, you start learning how to level the two heads with respect to each other and how to set each head’s offset.  Then, once those are set, you start with doing a parallel print (i.e. printing the same GCODE with each head at the same time).  Once you get the parallel print working, then you step up to true two-head printing!

Two heads will also allow me to use dissolvable support material, thus eliminating any support material removal problems and allowing me to create more complex parts than normal!

This will open up a whole new set of projects I can do, so stay tuned for more updates!


John (aka The Mad Printer)

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