In the meantime….

I started trying to print with two Hyrel heads, but I realized one of the heads had a firmware issue (I was using a test head that had a different firmware version on it), so I have to take some time and install some new firmware on the second head!  Since that’s more of a weekend project, I’ll put that on hold right now in lieu of something else…. I’m doing another wood-infused PLA print, sand, stain, urethane, assemble project!  This time, it’s going to be the “flower box” from thingiverse: (video of how it works in the thingiverse link).

Second verse, same as the first :).  I have printed 4 of the petals and have sanded them to 400 grit.  I took a lesson away from the pen stand project: if you sand too fine, it shows scratches much easier.  So, in order to make it look and feel a little more like wood, I backed off on the grit a bit.  Here’s a picture of a sanded petal for the top of the box:


Versus what it looked like originally:


Definitely a big difference!  I have also applied one coat of stain to one side of each petal (having to wait for one side to dry before I can do the other side haha).  I learned something about staining from the pen stand project too!  If I apply with a sponge, it comes out too thick.  So, I applied with a rag this time and got a much nicer surface finish.

I’m currently in the process of printing and staining all the other parts, so stay tuned for more updates and pictures, as well as the working assembly sometime down the road!

John (aka the Mad Printer)

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