I’m back With More Hyrel Goodness

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the delay in writing a new post.  I got back from the thanksgiving holiday, had to make a bunch of gifts for people for secret santas and things, and then I had to get a minor repair done on my Hyrel.  But I’m back in business now!

I have completed step 1 on my previous post: setting the zero position of the two heads!  I also completed step 2 (calibrating the offset between the two heads).  This procedure was actually very easy with the built-in camera that Hyrel has on the yoke the heads clip into!  Now, you might be asking yourself:

“why do I have to go through this process?  Don’t most printers with two heads just print without having to set the offset of the heads relative to each other?”

While it is true that most printers with two heads don’t require as much set up as a Hyrel printer, Hyrel printers are much more modular!  With the different heads they have, it makes it possible for any head to be in any of the 4 positions on the yoke.  This causes the offsets to be slightly different if your heads were in positions 1 and 3, vs. positions 2 and 4, for example.  Once you set the offsets, you shouldn’t have to touch them again unless you change the position of the heads on the yoke!

Now that all the offsets are appropriately calibrated, I am now ready to do a dual-head print!  The first print will be a grey dice with glow-in-the-dark dots!  File is here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:384929/#files

By the next time I post, I will hopefully show you a completed 2-color dice!  Stay tuned.

John (aka the Mad Printer).

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