I’ve definitely made some progress toward perfect 2-head printing!  Here’s the next progress shot (I intentionally killed it so as not to waste filament… that’s why it’s only part of a dice haha):


Now, I say this is better because when it executes a tool change (switches to the second head), it keeps going now!  I can now cool the surface, which results in a better surface finish for sure.

However, as evidenced by the picture, I still have some tweaking to do.  The two holes are supposed to be completely filled with glow-in-the-dark PLA, but you can see they aren’t completely filled.  I have to change a setting to get those holes to be a little more full.

What happened was, when the head started the glow PLA, it didn’t push the plastic out fast enough to give the rest of the layers a good base to print on.  In other words, since the filament retracts a little bit to prevent oozing, it wasn’t advancing enough to start the flow fast enough.

In order to fix this, there is a spot in Slic3r to alter the GCODE that gets executed when heads change.  When the printer switches to the head with glow PLA loaded, the printer needs to perform more prime actions than it is now (prime = advancing the filament so it flows nicely when printing resumes with the glow PLA head).  As soon as I add extra primes into the GCODE, that should fix the holes and make a nice cohesive dice!

Since that’s the next step, stay tuned for the next post detailing how well that worked!

John (aka The Mad Printer)


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