Hyrel and Support Material

I must say, I am having a somewhat difficult time with generating removable support material on parts I print.  I tried a few different settings in Slic3r: adding space between support pillars, increasing distance between the support material and the part, and adding more interface layers (layers that are built between the support material and the actual part), to name a few, and it always resulted in support material that isn’t removable.  I have been trying for a while to print the Kylo Ren mask for my friend, and it has not been going very well (below):


Pictured is the same part (the left eye of the mask).  However, the white-colored one is 400 micron resolution, and the grey-colored one is 200 micron resolution.

I was told that slicing the stl at 400 micron should allow the support to be removed easier.  This is definitely true, as you can see that the left mask part has much less support still on it than the white one (this picture was after cleaning).

However, it didn’t come off cleanly enough to get a good mask without support on it, and I’m having a lot of trouble dialing in the settings.

So, what does one do when not being able to figure out how to properly adjust settings?  Ask the printer company!  Hyrel is so nice about being willing to work with you and help you figure out something that’s going wrong, so I will ask the guys at Hyrel if they can help me diagnose what’s going on.

Stay tuned for more adventures with support material!

John (aka the Mad Printer)

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