Support Woes

Hey everyone!  So, I read online that, if I lowered the extrusion width under the “Advanced” tab on Slic3r, that would generate weaker supports, which would allow them to break off better!  However, upon making that change and running the print, it apparently had no effect on the support at all.  So, after extensive trial and error, I have come to the realization that Slic3r can not generate it’s own support material well enough to get a good print.So, abandoning Slic3r, I have another solution that I’m going to try in the coming week: generating supports with Autodesk Meshmixer.  I’ve heard that Meshmixer does support generation much better than Slic3r does, so hopefully I get good results!  So as not to waste plastic, I’m going to try support generation on a smaller model first, not something as big as the Kylo Ren mask I have been trying to print.  Stay Tuned for an analysis of Meshmixer and how well it works!John (aka The Mad Printer)

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