Progress with Simplify3d

So I have made a bit of progress with getting Simplify3d working!  On the last print I showed you, the top and bottom layers that make up the bottom of the vase didn’t adhere to the perimeters well.  I could push on the bottom of the vase and it would just crack right out… But I fixed that by increasing the overlap with the perimeters!  Now the base is steady.

Having fixed that issue, I moved onto trying a print that had more infill. However, that didn’t work too well…. at 30mm/s the infill was not printing unbroken segments; it looked more like a dotted line than a solid line.  One potential solution is to print the infill much slower than 30mm/s, which I’m going to try for now!  The printer will currently print objects that have 100% infill fine, just not anything less than 100%, so stay tuned for better infill settings (hopefully)!

John (aka The Mad Printer)

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