When I last left off, I was going to try a slower speed as a way to get simplify3d prints to come out well, and, guess what!  It worked!!


I know it’s a cube, but the surface finish on the top and bottom looks great!  Even though I still have some adjustments to make to improve the side surface finish, it printed!  The infill was completely full and able to build on itself quite nicely without the weakness I mentioned earlier.  The interesting thing is that the Hyrel normally prints at 30mm/s.  In order to get a good print from Simplify3d, I had to slow it down to 12mm/s.  However, I should be able to increase the speed once Hyrel’s newest firmware is released!  You might say “wow, 12mm/s is slow”, but in my opinion, the slow speed is worth it for the improvement over Slic3r.  There are two next steps here:

1.) improve surface finish of sides of cube

2.) Try a support material print and start refining support settings within Simplify3d.

As I keep iterating on my settings, I will keep making posts!  Stay tuned

John (aka The Mad Printer)


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