Support Material (again)

These will be somewhat shorter posts, since iterating with support material settings doesn’t necessarily provide much in the way of text.  However, there will be quite a few pictures!  Support material in Slic3r was next to impossible to get right, so I thought I would switch to Simplify3d’s support material instead.  On the first try, it was almost perfect!dragon1

The support removed very well too!


The only thing that was problematic was I had to use a pair of pliers to really pull at the support to get it off.  It didn’t come off as easy as I had seen simplify support come off on other printers, which makes me think that I have some tweaking to do.  In order to make it easier to remove, I’m going to change the “Horizontal Offset from Part” setting to .5mm instead of .3mm and the “Upper Vertical Separation Layers” setting to 2 instead of 1.  Stay tuned for an analysis of whether that worked any better!


John (aka the Mad Printer)

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