More Simplify3d Fun!

Well, I got a few things working very well in simplify3d!  Support material prints at the new, faster speed from last post, and I can now run prints that were directly generated from Simplify3d without having to manually edit GCODE!  Now that the basic functionality of Simplify3d works, it’s all about customization and refinement!

There are still a few problems with the way prints come out of Simplify3d:

  1. The infill is fairly weak.  In order to fix that, I’ve first tried to change the infill pattern to honeycomb instead of grid!  If that fails, the next step will be to reduce the printing speed.
  2. While support prints, it is fairly week and brushes off too easily.  To address this, I’ll increase the density of the support material.

There is an awesome plus side though!  The surface of the part looks pretty good.  Here’s a picture of what the most recent Stanford Dragon I printed looks like:


Until next time!

John (aka The Mad Printer)

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