It Works!!!

Well, after much tweaking, I finally got some amazing results with Simplify3d on my Hyrel!  In order to do that, I slowed printing speed down from 33mm/s to 25mm/s, and modified the GCODE a little bit since it wasn’t communicating everything it should when it changed layers!  Doing those two things resulted in the best surface finish I have ever seen from any printer I’ve worked with so far:simplifyCube.jpg

All the infill was rock solid and strong, and the surface looks great!!  nice and shiny on all sides.  After printing this cube, I decided to run the dragon with supports again.  And, low and behold, it came out very well!


The supports were nice and strong now, and they removed very easily, preserving all the detail of the dragon nicely!  Now comes the real test….. printing the Kylo Ren mask again!  Remember that project from several posts ago????  Now that I have good support material settings, it should be a lot easier to print (hopefully).  That will be the next project!  Stay tuned everyone!


John (aka the Mad Printer)

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