Computer Problems are fun :|

Well, I’m finally getting the chance to post after some computer problems rendered my computer that had Simplify3d inoperable for a few days!  But, now that it’s fixed, I’ve been doing some more work with refining support material and my simplify settings.  I’ve noticed two things that I need to change…

  1. While the support material does its job of holding up the parts of the print it should, the surface finish isn’t the best (See below pictures).  I have never seen support material come off as nicely as this did!  What the rough surface finish tells me is I still have some tweaking do do with the specific part of the support where it contacts the part.  My guess is that I need to increase the density of the dense support (simplify3d’s term for support that contacts the part) to 80 or 90%.  In theory, the smoother and tighter the surface of the interface between support and part is, the better the surface of the part will turn out!  I’ll be testing in the coming weeks to see if that’s true


2. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of blips and surface zits on the print.  In order to fix
that, you can look into settings on simplify3d for “ooze control” and movement
behavior (it can compute paths that avoid having to retract as much as possible!).


Look for more prints soon that will hopefully address those issues!

John (aka The Mad Printer)


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