Sorry for the delay, but… It’s finished!

My shift knob is 100% finished!  Steps 10 and 11 (drilling and tapping the hole, and screwing it on the shifter of my car) were interesting, only because almost no one had an M12x1.25 tap!  I had to order that online.  In order to drill and tap the hole, I measured the threads on the shifter itself, and I realized the threaded part was 1.15 inches long, which was how far I needed to drill to get the shift knob to sit in the right place on the shifter.  In order to do that, I used a set of calipers to measure 1.15 inches exactly on the drill bit.  Then, I marked a line with painter’s tape on the drill bit so I knew exactly how far to drill in.  That helped tremendously!  So, here’s the final product!



It’s incredibly comfortable to use since it’s custom tailored to my grip!  Now that I’ve finished this project, I’ve gotta come up with another one to keep things going.  Stay tuned!


John (aka The Mad Printer)

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