I’m back! Sorry for the extreme delay

Once again, sorry for the extreme delay with posting!  I found myself moving to a new apartment very quickly without much notice, so I had to completely disassemble my workshop and put it back together, which took quite a bit of time!  I finally settled on my next project: getting 2-color printing working with Simplify3d!  Remember how I did it with the gray dice with glow-in-the-dark holes (https://madprinter.org/2017/01/22/yay-it-works/)?  Well, this time, it’s soooo much easier with simplify3d!  My first attempt came out interestingly:



You can see a few problems, namely melting and oozing.  To reduce this, I tried to use ooze shield (builds a 2-layer thick wall around the part to catch the oozing junk before it hits the actual part), and that helped a little bit, but not enough.  I really think I need to lower the printing temperature to be successful.  So I’m going to lower from my usual printing temp of 210c for PLA to 195c.  I run PLA through some of my other printers at 195, so it shouldn’t be any problem for my Hyrel!  Stay tuned for the next step

John (aka the Mad Printer)

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