Kossel and Project update

So, for starters, the 3d-printed stool is coming along nicely!


It’s about half way done (a little more than half way)!  Now, I just have to glue the pieces together and print around 6-7 more pieces before it’s completely finished.  You might say this picture is a “Stool Sample” haha…. but all kidding aside, the project is going really well!

I have also finished the construction of my Kossel printer after running into a few small snags:
1.) The PTFE tube was much too small of a diameter for filament to slide easily, so,
thanks to a friend of mine, I was able to obtain a tube that was the correct

2.) The spring that provided the correct tension between the filament drive motor and
the filament was too weak, and I had to swap it out for a stronger spring

3.) The small PTFE tube broke the little pneumatic collar that the tube went into on top
of the print head, so that had to be replaced

4.) The filament wasn’t moving very well through the metal tube that led to the nozzle
in the hotend, and I realized that was because it still had burs from machining on
the inside of it.  Cleaning those out by using a 1/16″ drillbit as a file worked
marvelously and got the filament flowing again!

5.) Upon printing a part, there was some pretty bad layer shift happening.  I realized
that was because one of the carriages that slid up and down the z axis wasn’t as
tight as it should have been.  I tightened that, and it should solve the problem now!

That’s all I have for tonight.  Look for updated progress on the Stool project and a sample print from my Kossel printer!

John (aka The Mad Printer)

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