Things aren’t what they seem

So my Kossel finally doesn’t have any shifting issues, but it wasn’t for the reason that I thought!  While it is true that there was a piece loose on one of the carriages that slid up and down the rails, that wasn’t the real problem.  There were actually 3 screws (one for each carriage) that I had forgotten to put in!  Once I put those 3 screws in, it made all the difference in the world!  The shifting disappeared, and the carriages were a lot more stable and wobbled on the rails less.  Now, I only have 3 things left:

1.) Calibration, calibration, calibration

2.) Adjust retraction settings (prints were coming out a bit stringy)

3.) do a complete print!

The important thing is what I learned from all of this.  Printing and 3d print technologies are all about attention to detail!  Getting a good print out is all about knowing exactly how things are supposed to print, knowing what good calibration looks like, and knowing common errors.

My apologies for the somewhat shorter than normal post.  Basically, the parts of the stool I have left have to be run when I have a solid 9-10 hours to devote to printing, so expect more posts about that very soon!

John (aka The Mad Printer)

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